1934 Ford Coupe - IMPACT

Manufacturer: Ford
Model: 3 window coupe
Year: 1934
Work Completed: Full custom interior and stereo
Materials Used: "Jaffa" leather "Rum" suede

Priscilla Gallo's 34' coupe is a combination of new school technology mixed with old school cool.
The interior has been custom designed to complement and replicate the outside paint scheme. Orange "Jaffa" leather has been used to cover every attribute of the cabin from the windows down. This included the one piece flat panelled floors, the custom console and doors, and the custom fitted bucket seats also cop the same treatment. The seats are surrounded by a custom cocooned fibreglass structure that is moulded around the seats and also houses and reveals the two 10" PRS subwoofers. The upper area of the cabin is covered in "Rum" suede such as the hand crafted one piece headlining with moulded downlights and custom embossing to match the engine cover.
The boot area reveals a fully leather panelled area complementing the cabin and also reveals the custom stereo install from Frankie's that can hold it's own at any sound off competition.
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