Manufacturer: Holden
Model: Utility
Year: 1967
Work Completed: Full custom fabricated interior with metal dash
Materials Used: "Peacock" suede "Teal" tweed highlights

This cool Aussie icon was transformed by Ditch Jones in 2006, modifying the car beyond belief. The interior was no exception.
Inside the dashboard, door tops, and roll cage have all be painted as per the top outer color. Everything else has been covered in Teal suede, a colour before the car was painted so that the airbrushed split line on the bodywork was an exact colour match to the interior trim. The seats are modified Cobra race buckets while everything else was custom built from scratch. Moulded armrests and clever embossing add styling and definition the the trim, while the headlining has perspex windows recessed into it to create an extra dimension when seen.  
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