LX Hatch

Manufacturer: Holden
Model: LX SS
Year: 1977
Work Completed: Full leather interior with kick ass stereo
Materials Used: Italian "Lilac" leather "Lilac" suede "Plum" carpet

Marcos and Natashas' LX Torana Hatch is a family heir loom. This car is an original SS purchased way back in 1977, and has been in the family ever since. When the owner's decided to modify the car they figured that a small block chev, a custom fitted bodykit, and a purple pearl [aintjob would be necessary. They also realised that a custom interior was required as well. That's where we came in.
The original dash was modified to suit the new gauges, while the front seats were replaced with modern styled and more practical Jap bucket seats. The rear seat was formed from scratch and made to suit the fronts. New door trims were created with fabricated armrests and billet accents, while the floor was covered in "Plum" English wool carpet. The rear hatch area houses 2 x 10" subwoofers and has a hinged floor panel that exposes the remainder of the stereo hardware and spare.   
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