Manufacturer: Mazda
Model: RX3 Sedan
Year: 1974
Work Completed: Full custom leather interior
Materials Used: German "Camel" leather Matching suede highlights

THE RX3, the number plate says it all. Another awesome paint job by Custom Bodyworks in Sydney makes this cool street cruiser one of the finest examples of rotary powered street machines in the country. The owner asked us to give him an interior that looked custom, but also had to be classy and practical for both street and strip.
We started by mounting a new set of Recaro Evo 9 seats into place and replicated the styling and shape in the rear with a custom made piece to fit around the 6 point roll cage. The dash was modified to also fit around the cage while the floors were flat paneled, as was the boot. The door trims feature one off custom armrests and similar styling to the rest of the interior. Every square inch was either covered in genuine leather or suede and as an extra touch, custom metal rotor emblems were badged into each seat.
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